Florich is flowering stimulant made from nitrobenzene. It is being used to repair the hormonal function of a plant thus promotes the flowering activity and growth of roots. Florich is also known to increase the number of fruits by sustaining the flower bloomed. Well grown roots help to support the plant to sustain the increase of fruits. Florich which encourages healthy plant growth and plant hormone balance at relatively low application rate.

Florich is particularly suited to multi fruiting crops as a crop health and yield boost. Florich works as flower stimulant and yield enhancer. It enhances flowering, reduces fruit drop.


  1. Florich helps plant cell to absorb through cell wall in the leaves by osmosis, translocation of the cell movement with xylem, phloem vessels and enhance production of flower farming at flower bud area.
  2. Florich helps for cell elongation, cell division, thickening of the plant parts, roots inhibitor, and geo bending of roots. Flower and fruit sizing induce profuse flowering.
  3. Comes with nitro benzene constitution and assists in improving overall health growth and development of plants.
  4. Highly effective in improving quality of crops as well as productivity levels.
  5. Florich prevents flower drops and increases the length of panicles. Increases crop yield by around 10-15%.


Foliar Spray Application: 1.5 ml, 2.5 ml / Lit of water in early growth stage, flowering to development stage, & fruit setting (Fruit crops / Vegetables / Kharif – Rabi crops).