Humicon has been in wide demand for the major features of it. It consists of 15% Humic acid + Fulvic acid. Widely appreciated for 100% organic matter. It has a non-toxic and environment friendly effect.

The crystal form is widely used by farmers and increases the soil productivity & Premier source of organic carbon.An important part of fertilizer program it efficiently acts as an effective fertilizer magnifier.


  1. Humicon is natural product containing min 15% Humic & Fulvic acid in a liquid and water soluble form. It has several effects as auxins.
  2. Humicon increases utilization efficiency of mineral fertilizers and prevents NPK from leaching.
  3. Humicon promotes good soil structure formation, increase the water holding capacity and cation exchange and improve aeration.
  4. It germinates the seeds quickly and uniformly.
  5. It stimulates activities of soil microorganisms and detoxifies pollutants in the soil.
  6. It stimulates seed germination and promotes bumper root growth.
  7. It is useful for all types of fruit crops, vegetables and floriculture.


Drip a Soil Application: 2 to 5 L / acre for Fruit crops / Vegetables / Kharif or Rabi crops.